My problems in the camp as a LGBTIQ Refugee.

Personal details.

Name: Muhwezi Jonathan

Gender: Male

Nationality: Ugandan

Current Address: Kakuma refugees Camp Kenya.

Date of birth: 25 August 1996


It was on date 18 of march 2019 when I was working in Kisoro District with Uganda people defence forces at 35 btn.

Image 1 me putting on my army’s uniform.

At first I used to play sex with men and it wasn’t discovered.

But on the sad day of date 18 march 2019 I was found playing sex with my partner Arinitwe Evan unfortunately they shot my partner dead with a live bullet.

Just because we loved each others and we played sex together.

I survived on during that hard situation and I continued helping my self by running away to the nearest district bordering Kisoro called Kabale.

When I reached to Kabale,I reported my self immediately to the private hospital called Mutworere because I was shot on my left leg when caught playing sex with my lovely RIP partner Evan.

I spent two weeks in the hospital and later after I felt little bit better,I decided to escape to Nairobi Kenya.

I arrived to Nairobi on date 3 of April entering Kenya through Busia Kenya_Uganda border.

On date 19th of August 2019 I was registered as asylum seeker in Kenya with the identity of being a LGBTIQ.

On date 14th of November 2019 my data was transferred from Nairobi where I was registered to Kakuma refugees camp Kenya and I was awarded the following document for the prove of registration by UNHCR Kakuma and Government of Kenya.

On date 3 of January 2020 I was relocated from the Kakuma reception center to the homophobic community without being given any protection which lead to frequent attacks.

The first attack in the community happened on the first day of relocation when I just arrived and the UN official left,the homophobic provoked me and took away all of my belongings.

Because of that attack I ran away leaving my shelter when I came back,I Found it missing not knowing who have taken it away.

I reported the above incident to the police and they wrote a report on their occurance book. ‘‘OB No 45 date 5th of January’’

Clinic 6 police station Kakuma 3.

I became homeless so I joined the group of my fellow LGBTl family and started staying with them together…………

On April date 28 all the LGBTIQ members were leaving to UNHCR compound to ask for protection so I left with them together. But unfortunately we got no help and we were teargassed and forced to return back to the homophobic communities.

On date 28th of October 2020 I was again attacked and reported the incident to the police they wrote another report on their occurance book. ‘‘OB No 7 date 28th of October 2020’’ Clinic 6 police station Kakuma three.

The last attack was on date 13 of December 2020 while we’re celebrating one lesbian’s birthday the homophobic discovered that it was a gay Party and they attacked us.

So Dear fellow UNHCR any solution that you may find to solve my problems will be highly appreciated by me.



Phone: +254790048574

WhatsApp: +254795853517



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